Double ferrule compression tube fitting provides leak proof torque free seal at all tubing connection. They eliminates hazardous leaks instrumentation, process pneumatic, hydraulics, gas and other applicable tubing system which could otherwise turn out be costly to he installation. The basic ferrule tube fitting is a four piece fitting consisting of the nut, the back ferrule,the front and body, when installed , it become a five piece connection with the addition of tubing providing a solid leak free joint starts leaking. In these the two ferrule design which is a tube instance of rotary motion to create the joint. This axial movement prevents any torque to be transmitted from a fitting to the tubing. Since there is no initial strain in the tubing the making of the join does not weaken the tubing. another Advantage of double ferrule fitting is that the sequential action of the twin ferrule overcomes variations in the wall thickness, hardness and dimensions tolerance of the tubes. This way proper ferrule interaction compensates for the variables which lead to failure in other fittings.



Be self aligning.
works on thick and thin wall tubing.
Resists vibration.
Works on variety of tube materials.
Have all components mode of the same material and hence process.
Thermal compatibility and corrosion resistance.
Resistance to temperature cycling.
Compensates for the variables encountered in tube and metallurgy.
Dimensions are metallurgy.
Does not significantly reduce floe area.


Works on vacuum as well as low and high pressure.
Seals at low cryogenic temperature as well as elevated.
Temperature rates for tube.
Seals consistently over a wide range of temperature cycling.
Seals repeatedly under make and break condition.
Resistant to pressure up to the burst point with the tubing without leakage.


Uses geometry rather torque for uniformity of make-up.
It only requires one and quarter turns after snug tight to complete join.
Does not require disassembly and inspection of ferrule swaging at every make-up.
Does not require any special tool for assembly.







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