Clamping of pipes in installations is required for purposes of damping vibrations, providing support to the installation and preventing loosening of joints and welds.

The traditional method of clamping pipes was to use 'U' bolts. While providing support, "U" bolts cannot damp vibrations which leads to loosening of joints. This problem became especially acute where the location of the 'U' bolt was at the node of vibration in the system.

Fluid Controls Pipe Clamps, with their unique 4-rib construction design, prevent the transmission of vibrations from the pipe to the frame and vice versa. They also provide rigid support to the pipe both in the lateral and longitudinal directions, relieving stresses caused by unequal movements in the pipeline. Clamp material differs to suit relatively cold conditions to high temperatures upto 550° C.

Piping installations can be rigidly and safely mounted without any vibration trans missal with the use of these type of clamps. High-impact forces encountered in rolling mills, gun installations, military equipment, ships and other such applications are damped and not transmitted. The rigidity provided by these clamps and the choice of the clamp material prevents the loosening of joints and consequent leakages in the system.


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